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            FREE 📕! After searching all my adult life for God, at age 60, in 1997 I discovered The Urantia Book and found what I was looking for the book has 2,097 pages was compiled in the late 1920s and early 1930s has no human author, was published in 1955, and was blacklisted by the Illuminati—Cabal ever since. That is why most people never heard of the book. They made sure most of the colleges denied its value, which they control many of them. They would claim since the book has no human author spooks wrote the book. The book points to The Elite, Cabal, and Illuminati as descendants of the celestial sons of God in Genesis 6:4 who had children with humans and became men of renown, Nephilim.

             Those sons of God in Genesis committed the first sins on earth. The Hunter-gatherers weren’t civilized yet. I compiled all this information in a book and published it on my website, it’s FREE. It took me 20 years of reading and researching The Urantia Book to figure out who was those celestial sons of God. After reading the entire book I knew I had to teach myself how to write books to shear this knowledge, with my years of searching for God I knew humans did not write that book without help from above. The book is too spiritually advanced and too constant for humans. It took me about two years to write a decent book based on the basics of The Urantia Book. I had no formal education, I am one of those self-taught people, I read everything I got my hands on. Over the years I have written about 4 books based on The Urantia Book.

People wonder why my books are not famous, for many years I wonder about why no literary agent would represent my work, I always thought it was my work, because I taught myself how to write books until I sent my work to a college. I was shocked when the chief editor wrote me back, I can’t mention the college name, but I am forever grateful it woke me up to what been going on with the Illuminati—Cabal and Satanic worshipers has been distorting our ancient ancestors’ history for thousands of years. Here are several examples.

            They hid this information in Genesis 6:4 “There were giants (Nephilim) in the earth in those day s: and, after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they ‘bare’ children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” That is one of the most important verses in the Bible, don’t you think it is the strangest thing there is no information about why celestial sons of God came and had children with humans?

This is how they duped us in Genesis 6:2, their answer to the verse above. “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair (beautiful), and they took them wives of all which they chose.” Those sons of God were a different creation, they had no desires for humans, and they came to Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago, humanity was still hunter-gatherers, are you going to tell me those women were beautiful and desirable? And they distorted much of the information in the Bible like that. Many have trouble believing humans had children with celestial sons of God, here’s how.

               Those celestial sons of God could not use the bodies they used on higher worlds on Earth. The Urantia Book claims surgeons from a higher universe came to our planet at the same time the celestial sons came took plasma from the most advanced humans, and with bioengineering created superior bodies for those sons of God the Anunnaki, there were 50 men and 50 women in ancient times they often called men and women sons of God there was no distinction see Hebrews 12: 6-7. When they were ordered to start having children, they started having children among themselves to increase their numbers and that is the reason for the giants on Earth. Look at what the geneticists are doing on earth today, cloning and such. But they started having so many problems with the giants they were ordered to start having children with humans, see Numbers 13:30-33 and Deuteronomy 2:10 and 2:20. Genesis 6:4 says those children they had with humans became men of renown. This is what they hid from us.

                Here is the real reason they hid information in Genesis 6:4, the worst disasters in the history of humanity, look at the problems we are having today, and it all originated in Genesis 6:4. The sons of God came to Earth to help civilize humanity's hunter-gatherers. After the seed of humanity mutated through the animal kingdom for millions of years, they were ready to be civilized. I have been trying to tell people for many years now that very advanced celestial beings were sent to our planet. One hundred celestial beings came to Earth and took on corporal bodies to help civilize humans. Many more came, but they stayed in another dimension including the one they called Caligastia who came as Prince of this world. Jesus mentioned him in John 16:11 when he said: “The Prince of this world is judged.”

              This is when I believe the adrenochrome drinkers of today acquired their habit from their ancient ancestors. The sons of God were on Earth for thousands of years teaching humanity’s Hunter-gatherers, they had The Tree of Life, and if they ate of its fruits, they could live on Earth indefinitely. Two hundred thousand years ago Lucifer rebelled against the Laws of God, it affected the earth also John in Revelation 12:12 says: “Woe unto the Earth.” Out of one hundred sons of God that came to Earth to help civilize humanity, sixty rebelled along with Lucifer. They were the first sinners on Earth. After they sinned The Tree of Life was taken from them, and they would surely die. That is when they started having children to increase their numbers. After thousands of years of eating the fruits of The Tree of Life, it was suddenly taken from them because they sinned, and has caused much chaos on Earth ever since. It must have had some kind of withdrawal effect on them, there must have been something in The Tree of Life to prolong their life. And it no doubt affected their descendants the men of renown in Genesis 6:4 known as Nephilim. Not all Nephilim were giants, but all descendants of the sons of God were known as Nephilim, could this be the cause for their future descendants, the adrenochrome drinkers of today to be addicted, it appears they had that habit for thousands of years. And today the adrenochrome drinkers and the pedophilia want to rule the world, the psychopath.

                We were conned into believing Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth. If you read Genesis 4:8-17 you will learn Adam and Eve couldn't have been the first two people on earth. An example Cain is said to be the first human child on earth, after a while he goes to the Land of Nod and finds a wife, wouldn’t his wife’s parents have to be older than Cain? Adam and Eve were celestial beings just as the sons of God in Genesis 6:4 they were sent here 37,000 years ago as biological scientists to uplift humanity biologically. There is a scientist today that proves this story is correct. Richard Klein (paleoanthropologist)

“A paleoanthropologist at Stanford University suggested that a genetic mutation occurred 40,000 years ago and caused an abrupt revolution in the way people thought and behaved.”

                  As mentioned with the help of a book, I found in 1997 titled The Urantia Book, with that book and the Bible, I worked out much of the enigma of our ancient ancestors’ lost history including who were the people of Plato’s Atlantis, and who were their ancient ancestors. To download my Free book, click on the PDF sign on my website at It took 290 pages to put it together. I mention The Urantia Book often, you can also read or listen to The Urantia Book. Check it out it’s FREE to download the Urantia Book at https//: copy and paste on the URL.

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